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Why is Padel so much fun?

It’s the ‘T20’ of cricket, the ‘touch rugby’ of rugby, the ‘cross-fit’ of gym, the ‘5 a side’ of Football

  • Great for Kids & Old(er) people

    • Small court, small rackets, easy to play, easy to volley, doubles so very social

    • Gentle & easy on the knees, ball rebounds towards you – same basic format as Tennis

    • Extremely “sociable” game – people stay after the game to socialize at the club

  • Great for beginners/non-sports people

    • As easy to pickup as ping pong/table-tennis

    • Unlike tennis there is no service or technique to learn (serve is under-arm for an easy immediate start

    • Many “non-sporty” types find it very easy to learn, and addictive as a “new” fun sport

    • It’s a fantastic work-out as 2X as much action as Tennis on the court, competes with gym

  • Great for Tennis & Squash Players

    • Tennis & Squash players love Padel - the rallies are like ”the best tennis doubles ever”

    • Trick-shots, fun off the wall shots, smashing smashes, you feel young again

    • Padel is a real-leveller so “top players” can enjoy a game with “lesser players”


Padel tennis is Highly addictive, fun, high tech adrenalin sport … it’s Turbo Tennis!

Padel is the Growing Sports Monster

Padel is the 2nd largest participation sport in Spain, after Football (and ahead of Tennis), in 2014


  • 5 Million players - up from 1 Million in 2007


  • 15,000 Padel Courts - up from 5,000 in 2007


  • 500,000 Padel Racquets sold vs 160,000 Tennis Racquets

    • Increased 200% since 2007


  • Spain is originator of the World Padel Tour, with tournaments across all major cities + now expansion into Monte Carlo, Dubai, and soon Australia?

What is Padel?

The game of Padel has been likened to ‘tennis with walls' and 'squash in the sun’. It is a sport that combines the best elements of tennis, squash and racquetball. It has gained tremendous popularity due to its simplicity and similarities to already existing racquet sports.


Padel is played in doubles on an enclosed court measuring 10m wide by 20m long. The rules allow for the use of the back and sidewalls, resulting in longer rallies. The balls used are tennis balls, the scoring the same as tennis, all the serves are underhand.


Padel is a fun game to play and appeals to a wide population. Children enjoy playing as it is easy to learn, promotes teamwork, whilst improving their hand-eye coordination. It is a family game. Men and women and youth can compete together without physical strength being the sole determinate of the winner. The smaller court size brings everyone closer, making social conversation a much more integral part of the game. In short Padel is a great game for players of all ages and skills as it is both quick and easy to pick up and is less physically demanding than similar sports like squash. Most players get the grasp of the game within the first 20 minutes of playing and find it easy to achieve a level of proficiency so that they can enjoy it because the game is not as dominated by strength and serve as tennis.


Official Padel Rules & Regulations


International Padel Federation (FIP): www.padelfip.com

World Padel Tour (official Padel Tour): www.worldpadeltour.com